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2024-2025 Student Registration

Registrations for the next academic year (2024-2025) are processed starting in January 

For example:

  • If I register on December 12, 2023 for the next academic year, 2024-2025 which starts in August, 2024, I will not receive information back about my registration until after January 6 of 2024.
  • If I register in January for 2024-2025 for the next academic year, 2024-2025 which starts in August, 2024, I will receive information regarding my once it has been reviewed and processed.

We prioritize current year registrations and appreciate your patience during busy times.


  • Mason's calendar for any given year spans from August to May of the following year. View MCS Academic Calendars here
  • If the last school attended was not in the US, we place students based on age versus last grade attended.

BEFORE REGISTERING: Do you have the required documents?:

  • PROOF OF AGE - Birth Certificate or Passport
    • You must provide at least 1 of the following:
      • Purchase Contract (if closing has not occurred)
      • Current Deed
      • Settlement Statement (within 90 days of purchase/closing)
      • Rental/Lease Agreement
        • Lease must be current and must indicate the term of the lease, address of the lease property, the name of the property owner, the name of the lessee and the listing of tenants. Must be signed by lessee and property owner.

Before you begin the online registration, you will be asked to create a username and password for your application.  Keep this information safe for future reference  as you may want to refer back to it.  At any time during the online application, you may “Save” the information and log back in to complete at a later date, but it MUST include all required documentation in order to complete the registration.

  • When you have completed the pre-registration process and the Registrar has reviewed and approved your application, you will receive email confirmation that your family has joined the Comet Family!
  • Make sure you have the proper required documentation.


Proceed to 2024-2025 Registration that begins in August of 2024

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