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Emergency Medical Forms

Gateway vs Final Forms Graphic

Keep your child's emergency contact and health history up to date using Gateway. At the beginning of each school year, you'll be prompted to make this update. After the school year begins, you can also modify phone numbers, emails, and health history using the same link.

The Gateway software communicates directly with our Student Information System which updates within minutes, so your child's information is kept current. After the first year, all medical and emergency contacts will be pre-populated to minimize the hassle of filling out the same information year after year.

Go to the Gateway

How the "Gateway" timeline works:

  • In August, all families fill out the back to school forms in what's called the Back to School Gateway. Once you submit your form it goes into a "Finalized" state. You'll have the opportunity to make changes once the Express Gateway opens (see below). If you made an error but accidentally finalized your forms, email
  • In September, the Back to School Gateway "closes" and the Express Gateway opens which allows you to change most information, with the exception of address changes which require proof of residency. Email data@masonohioschools for those changes.

All NEW families, will enroll using the Registration Gateway.

The link for all gateways is the same:

Where do I get my Gateway username and password? 

Check your inbox for an email from Tracey Carson. Can't find it? Email


What happened to Final Forms?

Final Forms is still used when students sign up for activities or athletics. Your coach, advisor, or activity supervisor can provide more information about what forms you'll need to fill out for participation. 

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