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Background Checks

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We welcome visitors in our buildings but we have specific safety checks in place to ensure the safety of our students.

Level I - Visitors/Guests

Visitors and guests must check-in at the front desk and complete the Lobby Guard ID scan. 

Defined as someone signing in temporarily to drop something off, pick something up, or  is invited in for a specific purpose with our students, etc. 

Action:  Lobby Guard Check In, Complete Sign Off Sheet electronically and leaves an ID in the office.


  • Parents stopping in to have lunch
  • Parents attending a classroom celebration (exception for large building parties)
  • Someone visiting a staff member
  • Occasional classroom volunteer
  • Luxottica Volunteers to complete vision checks (with full time nurse supervision)
  • Picture Day Volunteers (with teachers present)
  • Guest Readers (with classroom teacher present)
  • Speakers (with teachers and/or administration present)

Level II-  Volunteers 

Defined as someone who serves as an extension of our staff by either responsibility or frequency of attendance (i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly). 

Action: Lobby Guard, Complete Sign Off Sheet attached to Request for instant Background check - Form given to the Human Resources Office. The volunteer will be added to the spreadsheet. Good for five years.  Cost $16


  • Office Volunteers
  • Library volunteers
  • Regular classroom volunteers
  • Cafeteria volunteers
  • Field Trip Volunteers

Level III - Staff 

Defined as someone who is hired by the district as an employee 

Action: Fingerprint Background check - Cost $50 (existing staff who are renewing $25)


  • Teacher 
  • Substitute 
  • Aide 
  • Coach
  • Support Staff
  • Student Teachers


Level IV - Students in the Workplace

Defined as students who are working off-site at a place of business and receive course credit on his/her transcript.

Action:  Complete Sign Off Form (business, student, and parent if student is under 18 years of age)


  • Internship
  • Job Shadowing