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Car Riders

Comet Rules of the Road

Help all of our Comets have a smooth and safe experience as car riders by always pulling as far forward as possible to ensure efficient traffic flow. After picking up your child, please ensure all passengers are buckled into car seats or seat belts, avoid distracted driving, and adhere to speed limits and traffic rules while entering, exiting, and within school premises. 

Please exercise patience and be courteous to school staff, other drivers, and pedestrians during the car rider process. Congestion and delays may occur, so a positive attitude and cooperation will help ensure a smoother experience for everyone involved.

car rider getting out of Minivan with mom taking a picture

Mason Early Childhood Center

In order to ensure the safety and well being or our youngest students, we have very detailed procedures for arrival and dismissal.  Please note that the best way to make sure your child arrives at school/home on time is to use bus transportation. If you choose to drop off/pick up your child as a car rider, please follow the steps below.

All drop off and pick up cars must enter MECC from Hickory Woods Drive.  The entrance from Mason road is a bus driveway only.

Drop Off Procedures:
When dropping off, students should be seated in the back seat, on the curb side, of the vehicle.  Prior to reaching the car rider curb, students should be unbuckled, ready to exit. MECC staff will meet your child at the car during arrival.

Preschool, kindergarten and the majority of first grade will be dropped off at the South Entrance located to the left as you face MECC (see map below). 

The remainder of first grade students and all of second grade  will be dropped off at the North Entrance located to the right as you face MECC (see map below).  

If you arrive at the car rider drop off doors and staff are not present, your child is tardy (9:20 for am arrival and 1:05 for pm arrival).  Please come to the front entrance and escort your child into the building to be signed in and receive a pass to class.  Please do not leave your child at the car rider door after 9:20am.  Doing so would create a very unsafe situation for your child.


  • AM Preschool and Kindergarten:
    9:05-9:20am via the South car rider loop
  • PM Preschool and Kindergarten:
    12:55-1:05pm via the South car rider loop
  • First and Second Grade:
    9:05-9:20am via the North or South car rider loops (dependent on room location)

Pick-Up Procedures
Car Rider dismissal procedures vary depending on your situation. 

Everyday car riders” (permanent car riders Monday-Friday for K-2 students or Monday-Thursday for Preschool students) will be dismissed via the North and South car rider lines (12:05pm or 3:45pm).  Permanent school issued cards are provided for these families.  You will drive up and a staff member will bring your child to the car.

Non-permanent car riders (occasional or on a schedule that is not every day) must be signed out by parents. 

  • You will park in either the N or S lot (depending on your child's room placement) and walk up to an outdoor check in desk/area and present your picture ID. The desk will open at 11:55 am for AM dismissal and at 3:40 pm for PM dismissal.  

  • Those picking up Preschool, Kindergarten, and most of First Grade will use South Door B2   

  • Those picking up 1st from 400 or 500 classrooms and all of 2nd grade will use North Door D2


  • AM Preschool and Kindergarten:
    12:05-12:15pm via the South car rider loop (everyday car riders) or Door B-2 (for all others) for ID check
  • PM Preschool and Kindergarten:
    3:45-3:55pm via the South car rider loop (everyday car riders) or Door B2 (for all others) for ID check
  • First and Second Grade:
    3:45-3:55pm via the North or South car rider loops (everyday car riders) or Door B2/Door D2 (for all others) for ID check

If you need a few moments to help your child buckle in, please pull forward or into a parking space to do so.  This will allow all students to dismiss in a timely manner.   Also, if your child is a permanent car rider, you will receive 2 car rider identification cards.  One is for your car window.  The other will be collected by a staff member to line up the students, then returned daily.  The card must be displayed on a daily basis.  All individuals picking up car riders, both permanent and temporary, will need to have a picture identification ready on a daily basis. 

If your transportation changes and your child will be a car rider home from school, you must send a note, via your child’s backpack, stating that the student will be a car rider.  To ensure adequate information is provided, please be sure to include the date, teacher’s name, student’s first and last name, student ID number and full name of pick-up person.  Office dismissals are only permitted before 3:30pm

Any unexpected emergency call-ins must be received by 11:25am for morning preschool and kindergarten students and 2:45pm for afternoon preschool, afternoon kindergarten, first and second grade students.   In order for our staff to expedite a timely, orderly and safe dismissal of so many young students, we must have precautionary measures in place.  Please plan accordingly. A written note is always preferred and helps all staff to be properly informed.  Do not rely on email or voicemail for a car rider change because a teacher may be absent or not available to read the email or listen to the voicemail during school.

Untitled presentation (6).jpg

Mason Elementary School

It is very important for the safety and well-being of students that they not be dropped off at school before 8:15am. The front doors are on an automated lock system. It is equally important that they be picked up after school before 3:20pm.  Before and after these times there is no supervision available and it presents a safety problem for the students. If you have questions or need to discuss extreme circumstances, please contact the office. Your cooperation in helping us with the safety of your children is very much appreciated.

Drop Off Procedures: 
Families should access the car rider line that wraps around the back of the building.  Students should be dropped off near the cafeteria/swing set from 8:15-8:30am. 

After 8:30am, students should be dropped off at the primary car rider area near the back of the H Wing

The gate to access the car rider line will close each day at 8:37am.  Students who arrive after the gate has been closed should be escorted into our main entrance and checked in by our staff. For safety reasons, no student is permitted to be dropped off in the parking lot or any non-curbside area.

Pick Up Procedures:
If your student is scheduled to be a car rider every day, parents/guardians will access the car rider line that wraps around the back of the building.  You will be issued car rider signs to display in your vehicle to assist staff with directing students to vehicles.

If your student is an occasional car rider, parents/guardians will need to send a note to the school or call the school by 2pm.  Parents/guardians will park in the front circle parking lot and walk to the main office entrance.  Students will be signed out at door A9 when we dismiss at 3:00 pm.  Please make sure you bring a photo ID to pick up your student.

Mason Intermediate School

All students who are car riders should be dropped  off in the front of the building.  Students may be dropped off as early as 8:15am and wait in the cafeteria until the 8:30am bell rings.  The car rider line will have two lanes that will begin at the ME gym entrance.  MI administrators will signal the first cars in each lane and then cars will alternate lanes as they enter the circle.  Once the buses start to exit the parking lot the car rider line will be held to allow all buses to leave.

Map of MI car rider lane

Mason Middle School

Car riders can be dropped off starting at 7:15AM. 

All students who are car riders should be dropped off in the front of the building by the main office. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:15AM and wait in the dining commons area until dismissed to their lockers.  When picking up or dropping students off, please use the curb lane only.

Students are permitted to walk home from the Mason Middle School without written permission from their parents/guardians.  

map of MS car rider lane

Mason High School

Car riders can be dropped off starting at 7:20AM. 

Drivers dropping off MHS students should use the 2 lanes in front of the high school, and drop off their MHS passengers at the Main Entralnce or the Natatorium entrance.  

The G-Lot/Music Entrance is a one-way road. Drop off is at the Music Entrance only.