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Welcome Aboard!

Mason City Schools' Transportation department is proud to be the first and last #MasonMoment in our students' day. We are deeply committed to the safety of each child in our community.  Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation in a caring environment. We want to make sure your child starts the day off right and ends it with a smile!


Mason City Schools Transportation Department
5025 Enterprise Drive
Mason, Ohio 45040

busses in a line



As part of the Mason City School District’s commitment to being wise stewards of tax dollars, we operate a very lean, efficient, tiered bus system that ensures both public and private school students have a safe, comfortable ride to and from school.

Mason City Schools welcomes the opportunity to transport private school students to and from the following non-public schools: 

All Saints | Bishop Fenwick | Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy | International Academy | Liberty Bible Academy | Middletown Christian | Moeller | Montessori Academy | Mother Theresa | Royalmont Academy | Seven Hills | St. Margaret of York | St. Susanna | Ursuline

Private School Transportation Info

Transportation FAQ


In Mason City Schools, #CometCulture doesn’t stop in the buildings. Each of us, (students drivers, bus aides, transportation administrators) all must own our 20 square feet, and ensure that we are owning the moment by taking responsibility for our actions. By having positive and appropriate conduct on our school buses, students can enjoy a safe and inviting transport to/from school. Behavior that distracts the driver can become a serious hazard to the safe operation of the vehicle and jeopardize the safety of all passengers.  

Drivers help students understand the following guidelines to maintain a safe and inviting environment on the bus, as well as at bus stops.  

  • Students must arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus and observe the Designated Place of Safety (see ODE Guidelines) established by the bus driver.

  • Students must take their seats quickly and remain seated at all times.

  • Students may not eat or drink on the bus.

  • Students may not fight or engage in horseplay on the bus or when getting on or off the bus.

  • Students should use inside voices while on the bus.

  • Students may not use obscene language or gestures.

  • Students should keep all belongings and parts of their body inside the bus at all times.

  • The aisle must remain clear at all times, allowing the driver to safely view behind the bus while driving.

When a student does not display proper conduct on a bus, the driver will work with them to correct behaviors, such as moving a student’s assigned seat and/or calling the parent. Non compliance will result in the school administration becoming involved in the discipline process, with a written report submitted.  Our goal is to partner with our families to provide safe transportation for our children.

My child is having issues on the bus. What should I do?

Our transportation team is committed to making sure that each student has a safe and comfortable experience while riding the bus. If your child has a negative experience:
  1. Ask your child to notify their bus driver. If not possible, or not resolved
  2. Notify the Transportation Director at or call 513-398-6682. If not possible, or not resolved
  3. Notify your child’s School Administrator.
** Anyone can also always report safety concerns, bullying incidents, or acts of bias on our SafeSchools Tipline


Students are assigned to specific buses and specific bus stops to balance loads on buses and make sure that routes run in a timely manner.  Students are not permitted to ride a different bus for non-emergency reasons.

 For students PK through 6th grade, a temporary bus pass will be issued for special/emergency situations.  To obtain a temporary bus pass, parents must submit a note to the school office explaining the reason.  If approved, the student will be given a temporary bus pass that will allow them to board the receiving bus.  No Pass/No Ride.  This is for student safety. Due to student loads on buses, we do not allow students to go home with other students for non-emergency reasons.

 PLEASE NOTE: Frequent changes to students' busing arrangements increase the possibility of students’ confusion causing them to get on the wrong bus, on the wrong day. Please keep changes to a minimum.

 For High School or Middle School students, temporary passes will only be issued in case of emergencies.  Parents must contact the school directly or send a note with their student to be given to the school office for a pass to be issued. Again, No Pass/No Ride. 


We are happy to make arrangements for families with shared parenting needs.  In the best interest of the safety of MECC and ME students, it is necessary for the schedule for these arrangements to be consistent from week to week. MI and older students may have a varied schedule as these students are old enough to know where they are to go from day-to-day.  Please update the Transportation Information tab in Final Forms with the schedule that is to be put in place.