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Technology & Innovation

Photo of student using iPad at MECC


Every day, staff and students are innovating at Mason. Teachers are constantly designing and re-designing lessons, looking for new ways to engage students while support staff refine practices and processes.  We celebrate and encourage these innovations because we know how important it is for us to help our students be prepared for life after Mason City Schools.

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Great innovations became great through quality feedback. We encourage our staff, students, families, and community members to help us improve and to get involved. Feedback makes us better.



Students at Mason benefit from a one to one environment where every student has access to a Chromebook or iPad depending on their grade level. In addition to having a Chromebook or iPad personally assigned to each student, students have access to additional technology throughout the building that's developmentally appropriate.

To make learning environments more personal and purposeful for our students, we provide our youngest learners from preschool through first grade an iPad. As students progress into second grade, they are assigned a Chromebook. Each teacher decides whether or not students can bring home the technology based on what they're doing within their class. 

There's great power in technology, but we view it as a tool, not a replacement for sound instruction. Technology usage varies from student to student, class to class and grade to grade, by design. Our commitment to a more personalized learning environment keeps us centered and ensures that there's no "one size fits all environment."

Christine McCormick - Innovative Systems Officer
Innovative Systems Officer & Culture (Big Rock #1) Lead
513.398.0474 ext. 24010


Shonda Marburger
 Administrative Assistant
513.398.0474 ext. 20206
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Technology Team


Dustin LaFollette

MECC Technician, Phone & Networking Administration-


Brian Richter

ME & MI Technician, Mobile Device Management Administration


Brian Schroeder

MMS Technician, and Operations Tech Administration

Lloyd Zacharias

MHS Technician, Server Administration, Google Administration, and Networking Administration

Carla Moser

District inventory, repair, deployment, and recovery

Greg Armstrong

District Office  Data, Server Administration, Networking Administration, and Google Administration


Eric Braun

District Office Technician, Copier & Print Server Specialist, 3D Printing Expert

Technology opens doors for students to create, find, design, and unleash their curiosity to solve worthy challenges. 

We put guardrails in place to protect them as much as possible along the way.

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