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Health Services

The Mason City Schools Health Services staff is committed to meeting the daily health care needs of students, as well as the educational and long-term care needs associated with chronic illness in children. It is our goal to be a resource to parents, and a partner to health care providers in our community. We function as advocates for students in the educational setting, focusing attention on students’ physical health and wellness, as well as their mental, social and emotional well-being.

The Mason City Schools Health Services staff welcomes you and your family to our district. As health care providers in the school setting, we welcome information regarding your child’s health and/or health needs. Please contact us and let us know how we can help your child transition to school with as little interruption to their health care as possible

Questions about which Health-Related Forms your child needs? 

We're glad to answer any questions you may have!

Each Mason school building has a Health Services office staffed by nurses employed as School Health Service Coordinators:


School Building Address Phone Fax
Patty Gast, RN & Sally McDonald, RN
Mason Early Childhood Center 4631 Hickory Woods Drive 513.398.3741 513.398.2169
Jennifer Davis, RN & Melanie Rothenberg, RN 
Mason Elementary 6307 Mason Montgomery Road 513.336.9402 513.459.1072
Kathy Heger, RN  & Mary Bishara, RN
Mason Intermediate 6307 Mason Montgomery Road 513.459.2850 513.459.2873
Stephani Hutchison, RN & Molly Crotty, RN
Mason Middle School 6370 Mason Montgomery Road 513.398.9035 513.459.0904
Kathy McVey, RN & Debbie Moeggenberg, RN 
Mason High School 6100 Mason Montgomery Road 513.398.3864 513.336.6823

Immunization Checklists

Our school district has made arrangements with Student Protective Agency to provide student accident insurance for families wishing to purchase coverage this year.  This insurance program is not endorsed by or sponsored by Mason City Schools.  No financial benefit is derived by Mason City Schools from the sale of the insurance products

Student Accident Insurance Information

2023-2024 Plan Options