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Mason City Schools strives to provide a continuum of services for cognitively identified gifted students in grades 1-6 that emphasizes enriching, extending, and building upon Ohio’s learning standards, the National Association of Gifted Children standards, and may also include the development of the following:

  • critical and creative thinking skills, including the ability to use critical/reflective thinking focused on informed decision making. This includes supporting ideas with facts and/or logic, explaining relationships, information processing skills, and specifically the ability to gather, organize, analyze, and apply information

  • communication skills, specifically the ability to plan, create, and present verbal, visual, and written information in order to effectively share thoughts and ideas with others

  • self discipline and responsibility, specifically the ability to work productivity and independently as an individual, to be a positive and productive group member, and to demonstrate effective leadership skills.


Grade Level When Identified as Gifted in the Area of Cognitive Ability on the CogAT


Grade 3

Grades: 1, 2, 4, 5

Grade 6

My student will receive intensified instruction with a gifted intervention specialist 

Gifted services are not offered at this grade level



If the Composite Standard Age Score was 132-160



If the Composite Standared Age Score was 128-160


My student will receive gifted services by their classroom teacher, in the classroom, through rigorous, differentiated and personalized core instruction

If the Compsite Standard Age Score was 127-131


If the Compsite Standard Age Score was 128-131


Collaboration gifted services are not offered at this grade level




Listen to the Adventures in Being Gifted Podcast!
Mason City Schools gifted education specialists Jill Hartsock and Jessica Mullen are the passionate hosts of the Adventures in Being Gifted podcast. It all began with an idea…help get parents, teachers, and other gifted people practical information to help them on their gifted adventures. Another example of how #YourStoryMatters, sit back and enjoy conversations and wisdom from a wide variety of interviews.

Adventures in Being Gifted Podcast

Gifted Services Overview by School