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Once a Comet, Always a Comet

You're launched, doing great things. But we hope you always remember your roots in Comet Country, and know that you're welcome back any time. 


image of grads throwing grad hats with confetti


Jasmine Bacchus
MHS Class of 2017

1. What do you do?
I am a Financial Analyst at Microsoft, specifically within the 1st Party Gaming Team at Xbox. My main responsibilities revolve around month-end financial reporting, particularly analyzing the performance of our first-party titles on Game Pass and monitoring our monthly active users. Additionally, I analyze our public competitors' quarterly earnings. Outside of Microsoft, I am a part-time Venture Associate at the Oxford Angel Fund, an early-stage VC firm that focuses on investing in Oxford alumni. I lead the Impact Team, where I leverage data to ensure our portfolio includes diverse founders and leaders.  

2. Why do you do it?
I am driven by a passion for both finance and technology. Working in the gaming industry allows me to combine these interests while contributing to an industry that continuously evolves and innovates. Moreover, being part of the venture capital world enables me to support aspiring entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of promising startups, which I find incredibly fulfilling.

3. How did you get your job?
I initially connected with a recruiter from Microsoft through LinkedIn, who recommended me for an internship opportunity within the company. Through dedication and hard work during the internship, I was able to demonstrate my capabilities and passion for the industry, leading to a full-time position in the Finance Org.

4. To be successful in your job, what are the top 3 skills that you need?

  • Strong analytical skills: The ability to analyze financial data accurately and derive meaningful insights is essential in my role, whether it's assessing the performance of gaming titles or evaluating potential investment opportunities.
  • Effective communication: Being able to communicate complex financial information clearly and succinctly is crucial, especially when presenting findings to stakeholders or collaborating with team members.
  • Adaptability: The gaming industry and venture capital landscape are dynamic and constantly evolving. Being adaptable allows me to navigate changes effectively and thrive in fast-paced environments.

5. How did Mason help prepare you?
Mason equipped me with essential skills in branding myself and networking effectively, which proved instrumental in establishing connections and seizing opportunities, such as the internship that led to my current position at Microsoft. Additionally, coursework in entrepreneurship exposed me to the startup ecosystem and fostered an entrepreneurial mindset, enabling me to approach challenges with creativity and innovation. I still think fondly of my time working on my startup idea "Comet Coffee" in the Entrepreneurs in Action Course, and being a member of the Comet Zone!

6. What advice would you give your younger self?
I would advise my younger self to embrace opportunities for learning and growth, even if they seem challenging or outside of my comfort zone. Additionally, I would emphasize the importance of building strong relationships and networks, as they can open doors to unexpected opportunities and support personal and professional development. Lastly, I would encourage myself to maintain a balance between ambition and self-care, prioritizing both career advancement and overall well-being.


Sydney Bokovoy
MHS Class of 2018

Mason High School Class of 2018 alumna, Sydney Bokovoy, serves as a dedicated paraprofessional for Mason Comet Care, working tirelessly to support today's Comet Kids in the very same building where her own academic journey began as a kindergartner!

During her time at Mason High School, Sydney participated in the Work Study program, honing her skills and preparing herself to become an advocate for children. She then enrolled in Warren County's Project Search, where she further developed her professional skills and prepared herself for the world beyond high school.

Sydney's journey from being a student at Mason High School to becoming an integral part of the Mason Comet Care team is a reminder that the bonds we form within the walls of our schools can last a lifetime.

"I love the empathy that the kids and I get to give each other - and the hugs," said Ms. Bokovoy.

Sydney's unwavering dedication and commitment to nurturing the growth and development of young minds serve as a shining example for all those who aspire to make a difference in the world. Thank you, Ms. Bokovoy, for what you teach our kids and all of us!


Caroline Sheets
MHS Class of 2015

1. What do you do?
Presently, I am a Creative Producer living in Los Angeles, CA.  I am developing shows for several Television Networks. As a Creative Producer I source talent, interview contestants and qualify those contestants to move forward to the result of a fully casted, diverse and energetic nationally televised game show.  

2. Why do you do it?
I creatively produce because every day is different and exciting! Every project challenges me in different ways and keeps me on my toes. I like having control of the creative process and working with talent to get the best outcome possible. It’s been a dream of mine since I was ten years old to work in TV and film. 

3. How did you get your job? 
I moved to Los Angeles to intern at The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019. I then went on to work as Howie Mandel’s assistant.  Here I quickly started to produce and book A-list talent on his podcast, “Howie Mandel Does Stuff”. Alongside running his podcast, I developed unscripted show ideas for his production company, Alevy Productions.  After working with Howie for over three years, I was ready to branch out into freelance producing. Ever since then, I have helped produce shows such as “Super Hot” for Hulu and “We Are Family” and “Beat Shazam” for Fox. Currently I am a Casting Associate Producer for “Kids Baking Championship” for The Food Network.

4. To be successful in your job, what are the top 3 skills that you need?
Patience. Communication. Adaptability. It’s all about connections! In this industry almost every project I have been hired on has been from knowing someone else from a previous project that I have worked on. That’s why it’s so important to impress colleagues and always work hard. 

5. How did Mason help prepare you?
Coming from a school with so many kids and teachers helped me engage with different types of personalities and learn how people communicate in many ways. The most impactful part of my high school career was being in Aaron Roberts Digital Arts Class. I could always go there and have a creative outlet. By the time I graduated high school I had most of the basics that I needed to know for Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, which I still use to this day. Shout out to Mr. Roberts for inspiring me to pursue a creative field and sticking to it!  


image of alex

Alex Mumma
MHS Class of 2010
After graduating from Miami University, Alex spent five years working as a senior consultant for Ernst & Young in Manhattan. But, he was searching for something more and found purpose and opportunity enlisting in the military.
"I serve because when looking at my life I wanted to be proud of three things: the people I've loved, the family I've raised and the time I've served my country. The Marine Corps presented me with the greatest opportunity to challenge myself, get a diverse set of experiences and make an impact on people. The purpose of the Marine Corps and leading Marines is what drives me every day and I'm honored to be able to call myself a Marine."
 Today, Alex serves as a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps where he is a Platoon Commander for a Virtual Signals Intelligence Operations Center. Alex helps provide the intelligence and information for electronic warfare that support the Marine Air Ground Task Force and Joint Forces Commander.  He spent his entire childhood in the Mason School District and shares 3 primary lessons he learned that has enabled his success.
1. "You are the average of your 5 closest friends."
Who you spend time with determines what conversations you have, what interests you share, influences what environments you find yourself and so much more. If you are not content with the direction of your life, look around and see who you are hanging out
with. This will give you a lens in to your future.
2. "Control what you can control, and you can always control your attitude."
I learned this on the baseball mound. I used to pitch for Mason and I use this quote all the time with my Marines. If your shortstop makes an error behind you, move on. Don't let that change what you are doing, focus on throwing the next strike. 90% of the games in life reside in between your ears. If you master what goes on there then you will master life. Don't waste your time worrying about things that you cannot influence.
3. "Always bet on yourself."
My father taught me this and I carry this with me everywhere. I was a small, skinny, average athlete and above average student but I kept my head up. You will fail, don't let that scare you. The worst case scenario, in most situations, is that you fail and you learn something new. Knowledge is power. Push yourself and you'll be amazed what you can achieve.


Lakin Steedly
MHS Class of 2017

After graduating from MHS, Lakin Steedly attended Miami University where she studied Kinesiology and Health with a focus in Nutrition, and Dietetics with a minor in Disability Studies. As a multi-sport athlete physical and mental health has always been important to Steedly and the flexibility of being a Pediatric Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has been the perfect fit. Upon graduation she completed her dietetic internship at the University of Houston and earned her licenses and certifications in September 2021.

“Collaborating with families and other care team members to help patients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery from eating disorders is what I find most rewarding,” shared Steedly. “My passion to help a wide range of adolescents (females, males, athletes, all genders, and all body types) break free from disordered eating continues to grow each day.”

At Cincinnati Children’s Steedly creates an individualized nutritional plan tailored to each patient while supporting the normalization of eating behaviors, rejecting diet culture, and healing relationships with food.

How did Mason help prepare you?
Mason helped prepare me by providing challenging high school courses that could help give me a head start in college (such as Honors Anatomy and Physiology). In addition, my involvement in multiple extracurricular activities throughout my four years at Mason helped me balance a busy schedule and learn time management prior to my transition to college.

What advice would you give your younger self?
The advice I would give my younger self would be... Do not to be fearful of the unknown! Be confident and don't self-doubt!

What was your favorite #MasonMoment?
My favorite moments were spent at the Mason Atrium Stadium during my four years on the Varsity Girls Track Team with Coach Affatato. In particular, my favorite #MasonMoment was at the 2017 Mason Youth Track Club meet. During my time volunteering with this club and my track teammates, I found a passion for working with children and adolescents.

Do you have the low-down on a Mason alum doing incredible things?




Peeyush Shrivastava
MHS Class of 2013

Vineet Erasala & Manny Setegn 
MHS Class of 2014

"The founders of Forbes Under 30 honorees Genetesis were way under 30 when they launched their business. Two were still in high school, in fact – and the other had just graduated.  

That was 2013. Ten years later, their Mason, Ohio, healthcare company has raised $40 million in funding and earned a place on the Forbes list for Peeyush Shrivastava, Vineet Erasala and Manny Setegn. 

“We are overjoyed and humbled to be included amongst this list of some truly incredible peers. We hope to do our community and team proud and greatly appreciate this recognition,” says Shrivastava.  

It’s quite a success for a business is rooted in childhood. 

“We grew up friends in Mason, and we knew we wanted to build something together,” says Shrivastava. “It’s kind of funny – we started the company before we actually even knew what we were going to build.”  Continue Reading


LeAnn Darland
MHS Class of 2004
While serving in the Navy, LeAnn’s interest in craft beer sparked in San Diego, living just three blocks from Coronado Brewing Company’s taproom. She loved the neighborhood vibe, the feeling of a "third place" where she could relax with friends after a long day, and was intrigued by the limitless possibilities of the brewing process. After the Navy, she pursued a career in corporate finance but never stopped dreaming about having a brewery of her own. She began homebrewing and left her corporate job to join a beer e-commerce startup that ultimately brought her to NYC. She and her business partner opened TALEA's flagship brewery and taproom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in March 2021. They now have 3 New York locations.


Katie (Lipps) Guiliano
MHS Class of 2013
Katie started her own business - Hosanna Revival - while in college at the University of Cincinnati. Her business quickly became so successful that her Business School professor encouraged her to drop out and pursue the business. Now, a few years later, she has graduated college (took a little bit longer but worth it!) and her company just made the Inc. 5000 list highlighting the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. They landed in the top 50% overall (#2329) and #5 in their industry - e-commerce. It's been incredible to see them grow over the years, all from a dream that came in college after being a recognized artist at Mason High School!

Your Alumni Stories Matter


Mason Matches

Over the years, there have been numerous major Mason Moments that have turned into a Mason Match for life! On Valentine's Day 2023, we reached out to our Comet alumni on social media and asked them to share how their Mason Match love has grown. From couples who have been together for over 20 years to a pair who got engaged at Western Row Elementary with the ring inside an Easter egg (a nod to how they started dating in 3rd grade) -- we were delighted to see how much love has grown out of Mason City Schools matches!