Growing a Culture of Learning in MCS

Growing a Culture of Learning in Mason City Schools
Posted on 01/06/2020

Mason City Schools teachers know that feedback is an essential process to learning.   "We receive feedback every day as we navigate through the journey of life. This feedback helps us to chart our course and clarify our direction," explains Krissy Hufnagel, Learning Experience Supervisor.   


In late November, teachers in Mason City Schools Personalized Learning Cohorts participated in feedback labs alongside Personalized Learning Expert, Allison Zmuda.  The purpose of this time was to deepen teacher understanding of the practice of Personalized Learning. Teachers presented an idea to their peers, requesting specific feedback to grow the potential of that idea into a powerful learning experience for students. Not only did this day result in the creation of powerful learning moments for teachers and students alike, but it has spurred an ongoing ripple of learning in our classrooms.  Teachers are now using the experience they had, to build the ability to give and receive feedback gracefully in their students. "We know that our students are moving into a world in which they will need to be strong communicators and collaborators, and by teaching them the necessity for feedback in learning, we are setting them up for a successful future," said Hufnagel.  


Second grade teacher Kori Harris reflected, “Students are developing an understanding of how shared learning can help them problem solve, improve projects, and gain insights that may not have been included in their original plan. Collaboration and productive feedback not only helps the individual, but creates a culture of empathy and persistence in the classroom. Students are given a consistent opportunity to listen to different points of view, and utilize feedback to continuously enhance their learning. As students collaborate and receive feedback, they view the learning process as a journey that has the potential to continue indefinitely.” 
Growing Culture

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