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Future Projects

MCS Long Term Planning

In Mason City Schools, there have been decades of key facilities decisions that ensured our community's schools deliver Mason Quality. In the late 1990's, (with a lot of community input and investment) Mason chose to build one, new large high school to serve all of the community's chidren. In the 2000s, leaders organized the district's schools into cost-effecient, grade-level buildings. This ensures that students have the most developmentally-appropriate opportunities, and that educators are able to more easily collaborate and learn with colleagues. In the 2010s as enrollment growth stabilized, the district sold two schools which maximized the dollars the district received from the Ohio School Facility Commission's Expedited Local Partnership. 

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
MECC Sketch
ME/MI Sketch
  • Respond to increasing behavior and mental wellness needs
  • Reduce class size
  • Reclaim spaces to use as designed (KIVA for example)
  • Increase flexibility
  • Regenerate inspirational & innovative space for students, staff and community
  • Respond to increasing behavior & mental wellness needs
  • Reclaim spaces to use as designed (KIVA for example) & Increase flexibility
  • Reduce class size
  • Regenerate inspirational & innovative space for students, staff and community
  • Launch student-run coffee shop
  • Increase flexibility
Construction Begins 2022
Construction Begins 2023
Construction Begins 2024


What does the next decade hold?

During the 2020s, we will make a series of investments in our schools that will not require voters to approve a bond-levy. Instead, the district is using the proceeds from selling Western Row Elementary as well as dedicated funds from the district's Permanent Improvement Fund.

Investments over the next 3-5 years include adding space to respond to increasing behavior and mental wellness needs, additional classrooms to reduce class size, reclaiming some spaces to use as they were designed and to increase flexibility, and to regenerate inspirational and innovative space for students, staff and community. 

MECC addition 2018

Maintaining Top-Notch Facilities Into the Future

The current insurable value of Mason City Schools' buildings, equipment and land is about $350 million.  Mason City Schools budgets about $5 million each year in preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement in order to ensure that learning environments are healthy and safe.  Each year, there are number of projects including pavement repairs, HVAC improvements, and roofing updates.  These investments are paid for from the district's capital budget.

State law makes a distinction between operating funds and capital improvement funds.  Capital funds are used for permanent investments - such as buses, technology, and facility improvements.  This district will need a permanent source of revenue to finance ongoing maintenance as our facilities age.