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Inclusive Excellence



Every child deserves to believe that they belong in our schools, and that their learning community cares about them.


MCS Definition of Diversity: We celebrate and honor the rich identities in our learning community
MCS definition of Equity: We design education experiences that ensure EACH learner thrives
We intentionally build relationships and empathy so that EVERY learner belongs
We step up against bias and racism in our actions, policies and practices.
Inclusive Excellence is an ongoing journey. We try to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. With a spirit of humility and curiosity, we can support and empower ALL Mason learners by learning about, reflecting on, and acting for our district’s Inclusive Excellence principles: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice. Every child deserves to believe that they belong in our schools, and that their learning community cares about them. Putting these principles into action will help ensure that each Comet feels safe, valued, supported, and empowered.


Learning is powerful when students feel safe, valued, supported, and empowered.  Educators are powerful dream launchers - shaping children's vision of themselves and their abilities.  It's our duty to design meaningful and relevant learning experiences that connect with students' interests and identities, celebrate their uniqueness, and challenge their assumptions about the world and themselves.


Our stories weave our community together.  Everyone has stories to share, and every story we seek to understand is an opportunity to gain empathy beyond our own life experiences.

Tackling the deeply rooted challenges of inequities in education is a call for both action and innovation.  We invite you to open your mind and heart to someone else's story. As your awareness grows, embrace small steps that grow a more inclusive and equitable community.

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Mason City Schools' Diversity Council was formed in 2004. It is a superintendent’s committee made up of parents, staff and community members. DEI Council meets quarterly, and sponsors events like the annual Taste of Mason,  Mirrors & Windows celebrations, and community trainings.

Members help co-create and lead Council's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Members provide feedback about the outcomes and execution of the Mason City School District's Inclusive Excellence OKRs.


Mason City Schools DEI Ambassadors help leverage the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences of members of our community to facilitate learning and dialogue. With a spirit of cultural humility and curiosity, ambassadors help communciate and cascade MCS Inclusive Excellence goals - celebrating diversity, and acting for equity, inclusion and justice. 

Apply to Be an MCS DEI Ambassador


IE Guide

Mason City Schools’ Inclusive Excellence guide was designed to help define what we mean
when we talk about our Inclusive Excellence Big Rock and our MCS IE Principles of Diversity, Equity,Inclusion and Justice. It chronicles our journey and compiles many of the ideas and tools our staff have explored to better ensure that each Mason City Schools student is safe, seen, stretched, and


In Mason City Schools, every Comet (student, staff, community member) is called to Step Up Against Bias.  Acts of racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, religious intolerance, and other forms of harassment hurt our Comet Culture and have no place in our schools.  Even when an act of bias is unintentional, the impact remains the same.  Working together to challenge bias and respond is a crucial step toward creating the safe learning community that every Comet deserves. If you or your child has experienced or witnessed an act of bias, please report the incident utilizing the SafeSchools Tipline.

The MCS Bias Acts Reporting Team (which includes Central Office and School administrators) receives a notification each time there is an entry in the tipline.  If you are willing to share your contact information, a member of the team will connect with you about your report, and offer support within 48 hours.  You may, however, choose to leave an anonymous tip.

Report Bias


Step Up Bias