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Culture is what we believe, how we behave, and the experience our behavior produces for others.


Own the Moment


Do the right thing, especially when it’s hard.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Embrace new challenges and find your passion in learning.

Invest the time to care, listen, and connect.

Respect and encourage each other.

Talk to people, not about people.

Believe in who you are and who you can

Build on your strengths and learn from others.

Care for yourself and your surroundings.


Better Today than yesterday, Better tomorrow than today graphic
We are stronger together
Everyone Feels Valued


The first Big Rock, Culture, is what we believe, how we behave, and the experience our behavior produces for others. It is the heart of our district. It makes Mason City Schools a special place to learn, teach, and grow. We strive for progress over perfection, and take pride in our past, where we stand today, and our plans for the future.

Building and sustaining Mason City Schools' culture requires intentional effort from everyone in the organization. Our Culture Guide is part of that effort.

Culture Guide
Press Pause, Get Your Mind Right, Step Up, Adjust & Adapt, Make a Difference, Build Skill

[E] + [R] = [O]

R Factor, a leadership theory that was developed by Tim Kight and his Focus3 Company, has been part of our Comet Culture practice since 2018.

We work to have Above the Line behavior - which is intentional, on purpose and skillful. The opposite behavior is Below the Line - which is impulsive, on autopilot and resistant. As Comets, we work to improve our “R”s and use Above the Line behavior to be successful.

20 square feet is a metaphor that expresses the reality that everyone at Mason City Schools has a sphere of ownership. The way we behave personally - the way each of us manages our 20 square feet -  is what determines our collective culture.

The R-Factor includes 6 steps:

1.) Press Pause
2.) Get Your Mind Right
3.) Step Up
4.) Adjust & Adapt
5.) Make a Difference
6.) Build Skill