Innovative Learning Coaches

ILCKrissy Hufnagel (K-6 Innovative Learning Coach)  
Home Base: Mason Early Childhood Center

Krissy has taught K-2 in Mason for over 20 years.  She has her undergraduate degree from Miami University and a Masters degree in Literacy from UC.   Krissy has her National Board Certification and is a Google Certified Trainer.  She is also mom to two Mason students. “I have always been fascinated with the possibility of the future.  I am a seeker of new ideas and believe that we can empower our students to become lifelong learners when they have memorable learning experiences.  I believe that we are living in a time of amazing innovation that allows for the potential to create a whole new vision for “school” as we know it,” says Hufnagel.  

Krissy is working with teachers and administrators to create a culture in Early Childhood that embraces innovation and personalized learning.  Big projects include redesigning the MECC library to become an Innovative Dream Lab where children can read, research, make, create, code, engineer, and more!   She is also working with teachers to use technology to support personalization and individualization through Blended Learning Playlists.  Working with administrators and other coaches to create a student-empowered culture in which data is used to drive day to day decisions and allow students to use data to set personal learning goals. 

Dan Little  (K-6 Innovative Learning Coach)  
Home Base: Mason Intermediate School

Dan served students as a science teacher at Mason Middle School for 12 years. He has an undergraduate degree in Middle Childhood Education from Ohio University and a Masters degree in educational leadership from the University of Cincinnati.   “I’m passionate about creating incredible learning experiences for students that will empower them for the future they will be living in.  I believe that technology allows us to connect with the world in ways that were never before possible and that the student learning experience can be personalized to meet the needs of every learner.”

Dan’s current interest in education include: Passion-driven project-based learning;  Instructional strategies that allow students to explore different learning pathways at their own pace; Rethinking grading practices to better value the development of learners; Systematically rethinking the professional development experience for our staff members.  

Aaron Roberts (7-12 Innovative Learning Coach)  
Home Base: Mason Middle School

Aaron taught digital art, design, and animation for 14 years at Mason High School. During that time, he also served as Chair of Visual Arts for 8 years. With experience both in the arts and in technology, Aaron is a strong believer in a creative education for all learners. Dan Pink wrote in his book A Whole New Mind that “the future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers and meaning makers.” Aaron wants to help all teachers and learners form creative learning communities that focus on finding and solving authentic problems that will help build this new future-proof way of thinking.

Aaron’s current interests in education include MakerEd, Cross-Curricular Learning Outcomes, Collaboration Skills, and passion-based personalized pathways for each learner. He enjoys tackling problems in education by using design thinking cycles that encourage cycles of divergent and convergent idea formation. 

Randy Doughman (7-12 Innovative Learning Coach)  
Home Base: Mason High School

Randy started his career as a high school math teacher for 11 years.  At assumed the role of Technology Curriculum Coordinator (7-12).  Along the way I coached Middle School Basketball (Boys and Girls) for 15 years. “I believe innovation comes out of creative collaboration.  I prefer to work directly with individual teachers - or small groups of teachers - to learn about and observe effective innovative teaching practices.  I may offer guidance and feedback to enhance the practices of the teachers.  Once I fully understand those practices, I share those with other teachers and connect those teachers with the original innovators.”

As Mason moves toward a 1:1 environment at the high school, Randy continues to establish support systems for staff and students.  His primary focus has been on the MHS Innovation Lab, which is essentially a Student Directed Genius Bar.  Those students maintain an active support desk in the MHS Learning Commons, and also reach out to teachers and students throughout the building.  They will play an essential role in the success of our 1:1 initiative.

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