Innovative Data Culture

The district is currently exploring and growing significantly in the ways we apply data to grow learners.   We are utilizing several tools to authentically inform our instruction and meet the specific needs of our students.  Throughout the district, we are leveraging the power of the following technology tools to monitor student progress and target the specific learning needs of individuals:

Schoology Mastery Gradebook - the mastery gradebook allows teachers to target specific learning objectives and monitor student mastery of the objectives on a day to day basis.   This gradebook allows teachers to see a snapshot of the learning at a glance and quickly identify students for additional learning or extension opportunities.
MECC-Data Dashboard - MECC is utilizing a color coded data dashboard to allow teachers to see at a glance which students are mastering a concept.  Utilizing this dashboard, teachers and administrators can quickly see classroom level and building level data that allow them to instantly make decisions about the learning needs of individuals or groups of students.
Data Pilot Groups - Each building is working to build a culture where data drives the day to day decision making in the classroom.   By working in teams of grade level or content area groups, teachers are learning to analyze the data we have, make decisions about student needs, and refine our current data collection practices.
Performance Tracker - We utilize Performance Tracker at the district and building level to track data from year to year and to compile data we receive from outside assessment sources.   By importing all of our data that is collected throughout the year into one collection, we can compare multiple data points to target the needs of specific individuals and/or groups of students over time.
Partnership - Working with developers to create an application to provide instant information that our teachers want most.  This development will provide at glance data that can instantly inform teachers to a student’s needs.
Development of Learner Attributes - Our district is currently developing learner attributes that will allow us to monitor student progress with skills that are necessary for 21st century learners.   By integrating these skills within our learning management, we will be able to provide targeted support in growing and supporting our students with their development in these skills.
Data integration within our student support structure (MTSS) -  We are developing pathways for our staff to learn skills and tools to quickly use data to make decisions related to individual learner needs.  These tools will allow teachers to effectively make decisions that grow students in their areas of need.

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